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I miss you guys talk to adrian
I hope raid with you guys soon! Please see my app! :)
forum post on 2nd set of ph1 illgoth
Yo[link] message
Check out Guild Sims!
You can view logs of raids. Link in top menu under Emerald Nightmare Logs - Biggame
you can add me luvcakes#1298
Hi, I'd like to speak to an officer if that's possible? Can't seem to get hold of anyone's btag to add :(
We have a presence, but not really active on alliance. Mainly Horde now.
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Brows a posted Aug 3, 16

Pls review the forum post I just added on the new roster for our raid team in Legion.  That is what I have as of NOW.  If this is incorrect in any way, pls let me know.  


Vegas Trip

Brows a posted Jul 22, 16

It was an awesome vegas trip again this year!! It was nice to see all you guys and just being together...  hopefully more of you guys will join us next year!! Until then let's all enjoy the new expansion!!  I plan a vegas trip every year so if you would like to go to next year's, start saving now!!!! I typically offer to share my room with whoever wants to just so that some of you won't worry about hotel costs..  again pls consider saving up so we can keep tactics vegas tradition going!!!  

As for the current roster, I have about 16 right now for the new expansion so we are almost there..  We need heals and mages and a warlock.  Also another warrior would be great as well..  See you guys in raid!  Have a great weekend guys!!


Tiny Ahhh Netflix and chill Gotcha
Exia I'll have you know it wasn't Youtube. It was Netflix.
Brows a Haha.. says the guy that spoons with adrian all night and calls it watching YouTube lololol

Its Almost that time!!!

Brows a posted Jul 19, 16

Pls go to the forums and fill out what roles and class you are playing.. It would help Adrian and I immensely on recruiting!!!  I hope this expansion is better than the last!

As the GM i'd like to thank all the people that have stuck around and no matter what obstacles we have with raiding we make the best of it!!!!  Even if we are raiding once a week now just on wednesday you guys are still lovely and awesome people to be with!! Hopefully before the xpac hits we can get 20 people and kick ass!!!  A much thanks to everyone who has stayed with Tactics!!!

With Love,


Guild Vegas Trip!!!

Brows a posted Jan 31, 16

Our 2nd year vegas trip!!! I would love it if we all can meet and go spend some money together!!!!  This year the trip will be on July 14th, 15th, and 16th!!! Pls let me know if you can make it and I will let you know the hotel most of us are staying!!  

Brows a well i was talking to you roger!!! thought you already knew you were included!
Quantumn a I see...I guess I don't count.
Brows a As of now my body count for the trip is Dee, Tom, Orich, Adrian, Kylie, Ronnel, GP, Mike, Jon, Sodah - Zukey + 1 will fi...
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